Monday, July 30, 2007

Richesson, Inc. Apparel

Feel free to leave your comments. These are in the early stages. Hope to have the samples back soon...

LJ Shelton, Miami Dolphins (this one shows him with Arizona)

LJ Shelton has commissioned 4 pieces and I have finally finished the first one. He says this one is going in his bathroom! The other three are big and are being designed to hang together as a group. Should look kick ass when they're done.

After I get done with LJ's pieces, Ronnie Brown, also of the Dolphins, is having three paintings commissioned. So I'm looking forward to those as well.


The drummer for Pimpadelic, Belly Ray Vyrus, asked me to do a flyer for an upcoming show. The picture is of the lead singer, Easy Jesus Coe. He is one crazy MF so the picture does him justice. Seeing this band live is something you won't forget.

Monday, July 9, 2007

PDM shirt design

This is old but I thought I'd use it to show how I start with a few ideas and narrow it down to the finished product. This was a shirt design used by Perpetual Death Mode. Kyle Turley was the bass player and they did some Slayer covers that were unreal...